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Find all of your Suzuki Parts Here! So your youngster has his or her first quad. Now I am sure they want it to look like Mom or Dad's, right? Find your Suzuki quad parts here! From sticker kits to exhaust we have it all. Search our catalog of off-road accessories: riding jerseys, riding pants, riding gloves, helmets, boots.

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suzuki king quad fuel line diagram

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Harley Accessories back. Tire Finder. Aspect Ratio. Rim Diameter.

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Tire Sizes Explained. Tire Width. Harley Tires back. Exhaust finder. Harley Exhaust back.At the high end, we have twin-cylinder, pound machines with more features and creature comforts than a Lexus. At the other end, we have renewed emphasis on cc, two-wheel-drive quads that focus groups say they want. The KingQuad continues to sell well and is the backbone of the Suzuki line.

With increases in engine size come more weight, and with more weight comes the need for things like power steering. The Suzuki remains true to the original utility quad vision. The actually has a sophisticated, fuel-injected, four-valve, overhead-cam motor that measures cc in real-world displacement.

Back inSuzuki gave the fuel injection but made it almost invisible. This year, Suzuki gave the motor a new cam profile and a redesigned muffler.

Back when the KingQuad was called the Eiger, it had a recoil starter as a back-up, but that disappeared some time ago and is not practical for EFI machines. You can get the automatic version, which has a continuously variable torque converter, or you can have the manual FSi transmission with a five-speed gearbox, a centrifugal clutch and sub-transmission with high, low and reverse on a stick shift. In both cases, the power is fed through a driveshaft to a straight axle. The rear suspension is as simple as they come.

Built Tough for Every Ride

Each wheel gets its own shock, which is a very clean design compared to the more common single-shock approach that most straight-axle quads use. Even though the Suzuki sounds very plain Jane against a backdrop of high-tech jumbo quads, it still has a fair number of features.

Our test unit was the ASi automatic model with the camo finish. Suzuki, like most other Japanese quad makers, has shied away from automotive-style paint for its premium models, citing the finish durability of color-impregnated, molded plastic.

We can say this: the finish is very, very tough. We have seen Suzuki camo quads that were left outside in the sun for months and years without fading. Likewise, the quad itself is very tough.

suzuki king quad fuel line diagram

The air-cooled motor is a marvel of low maintenance. You just get on and ride. The power is exactly what it should be: somewhat modest.Forum Rules. Remember Me? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PMrespond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Fuel guage not working on king quad. Fuel guage not working on king quad Anyone have any experience with their king quad fuel gauge not working? The guage reads empty all the time, and the "low fuel" indicator keeps flashing? I'm in the process of taking all the plastics of to gain access to the wiring harness and fuel sending unit Also i can wash out all the mud from previous years.

Premium Advertiser. Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad. Originally Posted by Summitric. Anyone have any experience with their king quad fuel gauge not working? Too bad im in Fort Mac otherwise I'd just copy the service manual troubleshooting guide and email it to you Ric.

No issues with mine yet Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad I know they're not really reliable anyway, but i suspect the float may be saturated? Once the sending unit is out, i can then manually test the sending unit to see if it's wiring or guage or float Just thought someone else may have had this happen? Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad my buddys outty had the saturated thing goin on changed the float and was gtg.

Recruited member of team slim Grizzly in the summer: Ski-Doo in the winter. Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad not real reliable gives an indication, not your problem though. Last edited by imdoo'n; August 1st, at PM. Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad Yup Googled and lots of info Pulled the tank anyway, as i'm gonna wash out all the mud from years past it needs itand tested the sending unit out of the tank hooked up to the electrical, but still nothing Will ohm out the sending unit tonite Apparently, when the tank is full, it should read 7.

I should know by tonite, what's up Originally Posted by tylerg. Re: Fuel guage not working on king quad Was able to test the sending unit with an ohmeter and nothing Tested the wiring and the fuel guage by jumping the 2 sending unit guage wires and the guage works okay Now to find a sending unit. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Suzuki Kingquad Manuals

All times are GMT Forum Home. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Problem Suzuki Quadrunner petcock. Thread starter Hooty Hoot Start date Aug 29, Hooty Hoot Gone but not forgotten Aug 29, I am not getting any fuel through my petcock to my carburetor.

I have taken it apart, cleaned it and blown through the fuel nipple.

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When I reassemble, it is stopped up again. Any clues appreciated. Check to make sure fuel supply lines are not clogged or it may have a hole in it. Got any trash in your tank? Have you checked for a blockage at the fuel pump? Mine has a small pump located under the front left fender.

Did not know it was any there until I had a problem getting my bikes to start after sitting for a year. If you have cleaned petcock and carb cleaner flows through easily.

Then your petcock is OK. Then take off gas line at the NEXT connection, either the carb or a fuel pump. It is probably connected to the carb on many QuadR 4wheelers. If gas flows freely from there, your problem is most likely in the carb. Take carb bowl off and clean, making sure your float will allow gas to flow out with bowl removed, and stopped when you lift float upward.

Good Luck, hope it helps. PM me if I can help, I fought a cold-natured kick-start only Quad for 4 years in a row. Finally unloaded it dirt cheap, and the guy that bought it has had no problems out of it.

Some Suzuki petcocks are vacuum operated.

suzuki king quad fuel line diagram

How many hose connections are there? Backlasher82 Senior Member Aug 30, On the models that have the forward facing cylinder and that have the engine and transaxle made in one unit you can't remove the fuel tank unless you pull the motor.

SUZUKI - HOSE, FUEL (L:600->525)

Major pitn if you put trash into the fuel tank and need to flush it out. Also these models definitely have a fuel pump as the tank is lower than the carb. Hooty Hoot Gone but not forgotten Aug 30, Backlasher82 said:. Yep, and as Winchester stated, some of them have a diaphragm fuel pump. And it wouldn't hurt if you posted the year and model of your ATV.These ATVs achieve a higher level of balance between practical use and leisure riding. So, they are equally suitable for ranching and agriculture or for trail riding and outdoors use.

Suzuki believes, there is a wide array of customers who could use and enjoy these ATVs while using them for farming, ranching, chores, trail riding, hunting or other types of pleasure. Frame rigidity is increased and the rear suspension and final drive case brackets are reinforced.

Suzuki King Quad Wiring Diagram

For improved ease-of-maintenance, fuel filter can be accessed by simply removing the seat and harness cover. High output engine tuned for smooth power and torque delivery in all situations. Ideal for agricultural and outdoor sports use, as well as trail riding.

Suzuki brought the first four-wheeled ATV to the sport with the release of the QuadRunner4 x 6. This original quad, with the designation LT, positively surprised riders and dealers not only with its well-planted four-wheel chassis, but it featured a automatic clutch with five forward speeds plus reverse. Another innovation came in the following model year when the QuadRunner 50 LT50 was announced. Youth ATVs became viable with the QuadRunner 50 as it was a stable platform for beginners with a sound engine, automatic transmission, and included safety features like a throttle limited and a remote tether so adults could control the action.

Suzuki increased the engine displacement from cm 3 to cm 3added a oil cooler to control temperature when navigating rough terrain at slow speeds, and used larger wheels and tires to increase traction and riding comfort. This new machine combined a engine based on the proven DR-ZE off-road motorcycle and an advanced electronic fuel injection system. The high performance cm 3 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC single-cylinder powerplant runs through a smooth-shifting five speed transmission that also has a easy-to-use reverse system.

The chassis is reminiscent of earlier QuadRacer and QuadSport designs with a long-travel double A-arm front suspension and single rear shock, aggressively-styled bodywork with high fenders, plus vents that route cooling air to the radiator. Along with its revived name this new ATV brought a new liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine fed by a first and modern electronic fuel injection system.

Basically the power steering unit senses torque loads at both ends of the steering — input from the handlebar and the resistance from the tires.

The unit then senses the amount of effort needed to twist the handlebars, thus allowing more steering assistance from the unit at slower speeds and less at higher speeds to reduce the amount of leverage the rider must use to turn the ATV. And that drive system allowed the rider to select 2WD or 4WD modes, plus it offered a front differential lock so the QuadRunner 4WD could crawl out of just about any situation.

The rider could also route the power from the cm 3 four-stroke engine through a sub-transmission that had both high and low ratios so the ATV was great on tight trails but could also get you quickly out to work on the far side of the ranch.

Additionally, the QuadRunner 4WD was designed with a engine configuration and fuel tank location that resulted in a comfortable and low seat height.

For the model year Suzuki revised some of its ATV models to take advantage of its new, Rome, Georgia manufacturing plant see SMAC and to drive awareness of its sports-utility line-up. The air-oil cooled cm 3 model, in both 2WD and 4WD versions was named the Eiger per the famous mountain in Bernese Alps and the larger, liquid-cooled cm 3 4WD model was dubbed the Vinson per the large mountain in the Antarctic. This ATV achieved racing success quickly and is still used in competition today.

They are Suzuki KINGQUAD's through and through that are the culmination of 30 years of engineering expertise, refinement through feedback from dealers and customers on the earth, and an unequalled reputation for quality that Suzuki has earned building each one.Download Suzuki King Quad or factory repair manual instantly.

The digitally delivered Suzuki manual is a book of repair instructions. A download Suzuki King Quad repair manual contains a plethora of pictures, diagrams and illustrations to indicate the way parts are installed or removed, and how parts are put together.

Every manual also possesses easy-to-follow, step-by-step repair procedures. The procedures enable the mechanic to progress gradually from one repair procedure to the next. One of the biggest problems most mechanics face is trying to understand what is wrong with the all-terrine vehicle. It should be noted that actual service or repair procedures might differ depending on actual year and model ATV. All sections of each Suzuki King Quad repair manual contains complete part removal procedures, including part inspection, disassembly, cleaning, repair, reassembly and reinstallation procedures.

As mentioned before, each King Quad repair manual covers every aspect of repair, from basic maintenance to complete engine overhaul.

suzuki king quad fuel line diagram

News Ticker. Precautions Warnings and cautions General precautions Precautions for electrical circuit service. Engine Precautions Engine specifications Engine diagnosis Emission control devices Engine mechanical Engine lubrication system Fuel system Ignition control system Starting system Charging system Exhaust system. General Information Lubrication and maintenance Service data. Suspension Precautions Suspension specifications Suspension general diagnosis Front suspension Rear suspension Wheels and tires.

Steering Precautions Specifications Steering general diagnosis Steering and handlebar.

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